Travel updates

Dear passengers! In order to make it easier for you to plan your trip, we have prepared small memos on the countries to which AZUR air operates international flights. Please remember about safety while travelling!

We kindly ask foreign citizens to check the rules of the migration services of the country of entry and the current visa regime.

Before departing to Cuba, travelers must fill out a special health questionnaire about the state of health. It is established as a mandatory measure for international travelers who arrive in the country after 0001 local time on the 2021 January 10th, the presentation of a negative PCR - RT test carried out 72 hours before the trip in a certified laboratory of the country of origin or provenance.

All passengers undergo a free PCR test on arrival, the result of which is announced in 24 hours. In case the result is positive, the traveler may be hospitalized. Passengers who have had contact with an infected person will be quarantined (in a special hotel area or in a separate hotel) until a second PCR test is carried out 3-4 days later. If symptoms of the disease appear, you should immediately contact the insurance company.

In public places (airports, transport) it is necessary to wear personal protective equipment - masks and gloves. You can only pay for purchases in hotels by contactless means.

Please also note that all electronic cigarettes and tobacco heating devices are prohibited from being imported into Cuba. For more information on travel to Cuba, please visit the websites of tour operators and the official website of the official website of the Embassy of Russia in the Republic of Cuba.

In addition, we recommend you to read the explanations on the website of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

Please also note that, according to the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Russia, travel between provinces is not possible and vacationers must spend all their vacation time on the territory of the province through which they entered.

A certificate in English with a negative PCR test result must be obtained 96 hours before entry. The test is mandatory for all Russian citizens except children under the age of 1 year.

Not earlier than 24 hours before departure (please note that this also applies to return flights) you must complete an electronic questionnaire on the website of the Maldives Migration Service (personal information is filled in Latin). An electronic certificate of the PCR test results must be attached to this form (in English).

You also need to download a special tracking application TraceEkee to your smartphone.
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It is necessary to wear masks and gloves in public places. There are certain restrictions on movement between islands in the Maldives. You can find out more about travel rules between the islands on the website of your tour operator (if you are travelling on tour). We also recommend you to explore information in detail on the website of the Maldives Migration Service.

When visiting Tanzania, there is no need to fill out health questionnaires or provide the receiving party with PCR test certificates. Despite this, we ask you to take care of your health and the health of those around you!

In case of any symptoms of illness, please contact the insurance company immediately and follow the announced instructions. After this, you should isolate yourself and also take a PCR test, which will result in further decisions about hospitalization or prescribing outpatient treatment.

We also remind you of the need to maintain social distance, wear masks and gloves, and regularly use sanitizers!

Official source: website of the Embassy of Russia in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The passenger who arrived in Turkey from 15.03.2021 must fill the Traveler Entry Form through the link

The Traveler Entry Form should be filled at least 72 hours before the flight.

All passengers arriving by air travel into Turkey shall hold a negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR test performed within the last seventy-two (72) hours before their entry (effective from 30.12.2020). Passengers who do not have negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR tests should not be accepted on board. The PCR test must be in English language.

There is a widespread mask-wearing regime in Turkey (this means that the mask must be worn not only indoors but also outdoors), for violation of which a fine of 900 Turkish lire (just over 9000 rubles) is imposed.

In case of any symptoms of illness, please contact your insurance company and follow the instructions. If necessary, the traveler may be hospitalized. We recommend to purchase insurance policies that include medical care.

For more information on visiting rules and recommendations, please visit the website of the Embassy of Russia in Turkey.