Accessible Environment

Accessible Environment - AZUR air

At AZUR air, we care about our passengers with disabilities and special needs, and we do our best to provide them with a safe and comfortable flight. 


We kindly ask passengers with disabilities to inform AZUR air about their condition when booking their tickets. To do that, please contact your travel agent or your tour operator if the ticket was purchased as a part of a travel package. If you purchased a regular flight ticket with our airline by yourself, please contact our call center at +7 495 374-55-14, or by email

Please do not forget to inform the relevant services at the airport of departure — our colleagues will gladly provide you with free assistance during pre-flight procedures and boarding.

The airport provides the following services:

  • accompaniment and assistance during check-in and baggage registration;
  • accompanying and assistance in passing the border, customs, sanitary and quarantine, veterinary, quarantine and phytosanitary control, as required by the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as during security check;
  • accompanying and assisting passengers with boarding, including, if necessary, using ambulifts for passengers with reduced mobilty;
  • priority boarding;
  • disembarkation of passengers using wheelchairs and/or ambulifts after the other passengers have left the cabin; this includes accompanying and assisting in moving items that are with the passengers onboard the aircraft;
  • meeting passengers in person by employees of the service agency at the arrival airport;
  • accompanying and assisting passengers with their moving around the terminal.


AZUR air offers free-of-charge transportation of wheelchairs used by passengers with disabilities and special needs.

All our aircraft are equipped and confirmed accessible, and all our flight attendants are trained, so do not hesitate to ask them for help.

The following services are provided onboard AZUR aircraft to disabled passengers and other persons with special needs:

  • familiarization with the rules of conduct onboard the aircraft and other relevant information in a form accessible to the passenger;
  • assistance in placing the cabin baggage with the passenger onboard the aircraft;
  • available on-board wheelchair;
  • assistance in going to and from the restroom, including using the on-board wheelchair.

For visually impaired passengers, all the essential text and graphic information is available in Braille script.

For hearing impaired passengers, we duplicate all the essential audio announcements graphically. Blind passengers may travel accompanied by a guide dog.

Passengers whose medical condition requires a supply of oxygen during the flight will be provided with supplementary medical oxygen upon filling out a MEDA Assessment Form. In addition, the airline allows carrying in the cabin cylinders with gaseous oxygen or air up to 5 kg under the following conditions:

  • the patient is transported only with the permission of a medical institution;
  • the passenger travels in the cabin of the aircraft only if accompanied by a medical officer;
  • the oxygen cylinder shall labeled and numbered appropriate to this equipment;
  • a passenger or a medical officer must have the permit indicating the number of the oxygen cylinder and the terms permitting the transport of oxygen equipment in the aircraft cabin;
  • the carriage of oxygen cylinders is regulated by the rules governing the carriage of cabin baggage by the airline;
  • oxygen cylinders may not be carried in the aircraft cabin in the absence of a passenger with a relevant medical condition;
  • the use of the oxygen cylinder shall be monitored by a medical officer.

Severely ill passengers on stretchers shall be carried with the provision of additional seats on the aircraft in the economy class cabin at triple the normal economy class fare. Such transportation must be agreed with the airline at least 72 hours prior to departure. For this purpose, please contact our call center at +7 495 374-55-14 or send us an email at Passengers on a stretcher must be accompanied by their caregiver throughout the flight.