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AZUR Space AZUR air

We want your flight to be in the most comfortable conditions and have given you the chance to choose a seat with increased leg room between rows of seats. These include first-row seats after the cockpit and emergency exit rows. The space between the seats has been increased on average from 34 to 107 cm (depending on the type of aircraft and layout), compared to standard space.

You can pay for the service directly at the airport of departure at check-in for the Airline or using online check-in service, which starts 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure and ends 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

Attention please!

  • The service is available for departure flights from Russia.
  • The following categories of passengers are restricted from being seated in AZUR Space places located in the aisles to emergency exits:
    • Unaccompanied children;
    • Passengers with animals in the cabin (PETC);
    • Passengers with disabilities, sick passengers (DEAF, BLND, WCHC, WCHR, WCHS, STCR, POXY, PPOC, MEDA, DPNA, LEGL, LEGR, LEGB);
    • Passengers with luggage in the cabin (CBBG);
    • SCS and Communication Service staff (COUR);
    • Unapproved/deported passengers (INAD, DEPA, DEPU);
    • Passengers under escort;
    • Pregnant women;
    • Passengers under 18 years of age and passengers accompanying children under 12 years;
    • Passengers who do not speak Russian or English.
  • The choice of a seat with increased leg room between the rows is made from among the seats available at the time of the passenger's request.
  • The space between the seats may vary depending on the type of aircraft.
  • This service is provided on a paid basis. Please, check our rates here
  • In the event of replacement of the aircraft, the airline does not guarantee the preservation of these places by the passenger and reserves the right to seat the passenger on common grounds*.

You can learn more details about the Azur Space service from Azur Air representatives at the registration counters.

* In the event of the necessity of a refund for the unused service of selecting AZUR Space seat, the passenger needs to apply to the ticket office of the airport of departure, providing the receipt on payment with the mark of the representative or flight attendant of the airline confirming that the service was not provided.